Insurance Solutions

Insurance coverage is a key to protect your investment and a prerequisite towards peace of mind motoring. We offer a wide range of insurance solutions:


Motor Comprehensive Policy:

This product offers a comprehensive selection of cover options and can be customised to your personal insurance needs.

Return to Invoice Policy:

This policy guarantees that you will get back what you paid for your vehicle if it is written off or stolen during the period of insurance. This policy may be purchased in addition to a motor comprehensive insurance policy.

Deposit Protector:

This policy will reimburse the deposit paid by you at the time of purchasing your vehicle in the event that your vehicle is written off, stolen and not recovered or damaged beyond economic repair.


This insurance policy covers minor damage (up to an agreed amount) to your vehicle without denting your no claim bonus.

Shortfall Plus:

Due to theft, hijacking or an accident, you may end up with a shortfall between the settlement amount of the existing loan and the payout on the comprehensive insurance policy. This policy is designed to protect you from paying this shortfall. This is a standalone policy which can be purchased in addition to a motor comprehensive insurance policy.

Customer Protection Plan:

In the event of your disability, dreaded disease, retrenchment or even death, you can rest assured that your family will not be left with debt they cannot pay

Retrenchment Policy:

Should you be involuntarily retrenched, this product will take care of your monthly vehicle instalments, leaving you to focus on finding alternative employment and not worry about your monthly vehicle instalments. For more information about Volkswagen Sure contact the Finance and Insurance Business Manager at your local Volkswagen dealer or visit the purchase and finance section on Sure - giving you peace of mind while you are on the move.